How to Diminish Unpleasant Feelings & Emotional Overwhelm
By Steve King (copyright 2003)

Relax sufficiently to ‘tune in’ to where on you, physically, the feeling appears to reside or emanate from, i.e. stomach, chest, head, hands - be specific. Once that is recognised, close your eyes and put your attention on that area of your body where the feeling resides. Once the attention is on that specific area of the body, then ask ‘inside’ for an image of ‘what that feeling would look like if it were to look like something’. Please trust whatever image might come to you, even if it is just a colour or some lines.

Once you have an image – remind yourself that you requested an image and that this is what your system is giving and therefore it is peculiar to you, it is yours, you own it and therefore you can do with it whatever you want – you can make it bigger, smaller, change its colour or texture, disintegrate it into billions of particles, send it off into the universal ether or hand it over to your Higher Power - absolutely anything you wish.

Once you have decided what to do with it, then cup your hands around your ears (with the tips of the fingers and thumbs resting gently around the outside of both ears) and command inside that which you have decided upon to happen, as you, in a sense, stay in that position and just ‘observe’ as it happens.

Once it has done so, check in to how you now feel in that particular area of your body and note the difference from before and the present - there should now be a sense of ‘lightness’ about that feeling and often an ability to breathe more deeply and fully.